I Solisti del Vento



Musica's Eersteklasconcerten are a journey of artistic, interactive experience for children in their first year of school.

This co-production by Musica and the Concertgebouw in Bruges puts a different renowned ensemble in the spotlight each year. For the edition 2016 Musica calls on I Solisti del Vento. Setting is the beautiful Concertgebouw Brugge and International Arts Campus deSingel.

The workshop offers young people the possibility to get in touch with classical or contemorary music and his performers. Eersteklasconcerten demolishes the bouderies between listening, experiencing and actual performing. The format shows that even young people can get truly excited by music in general, old and new music, regardless its complexity.





© Chloë Herteleer
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date hour location town/city info & tickets
15/02/2016 11.00 Concertgebouw Bruges e-mail
15/02/2016 13.30 Concertgebouw Bruges e-mail
16/02/2016 9.00 Concertgebouw Bruges e-mail
16/02/2016 11.00 Concertgebouw Bruges e-mail
16/02/2016 13.30 Concertgebouw Bruges e-mail
18/02/2016 9.00 Concertgebouw Bruges e-mail
18/02/2016 11.00 Concertgebouw Bruges e-mail
18/02/2016 13.30 Concertgebouw Bruges e-mail
19/02/2016 9.30 deSingel Antwerp website
19/02/2016 11.30 deSingel Antwerp website
19/02/2016 14.00 deSingel Antwerp website